Settling Divorce and all Divorce-related Issues without Stress

When conflict and resentment begin to dominate the relationship of spouses, marriage also begins to be frustrating, stress-filled and painful. This is why a great number of couples, who no longer consider their marriage still being workable, rather decide to end the relationship, if only to end the frustration and stress that continue to draw the life out of them.

Ending a marriage is not a simple process, though, due to the many other issues involved with it, which also need to be settled, if not amicably between the divorcing spouses, then through court procedures, where all decisions will have to be made by a judge. Alimony or spousal support, division of property, assets and debts, and, if the couple has a child, then child custody, child support and visitation rights, constitute the main issues that divorcing couples need to address.

Besides the fact that the divorce process is already emotionally-draining, the complications added by the issues mentioned only make divorce a more stressful experience, more so if each of the spouses would only see his/her own interests and contest all related issues against his/her ex-partner.

To save couples from too much stress, as well as save them from time-consuming and costly court fees, many marriage counselors and divorce lawyers recommend that couples settle their divorce case and all other divorce-related issues through mediation, a process wherein they will be able to make their own decisions and come to an agreement, concerning all issues, on their own terms.

Meditation allows couples to find the most ideal solutions in an amicable manner, without wasting time and money. More importantly, the decisions arrived at are their own, and the whole process is held confidential, free from the reporters and spectators who usually populate courtrooms.

A mediated divorce process is done through the help of a mediator, who is chosen by the divorcing spouses themselves. Each of the spouses may or may not choose to be represented by a lawyer, though having one may be more advisable to make sure that the interests and rights of each are expressed more clearly and to have each issue settled faster. The assistance of highly-competent Cedar Rapids divorce lawyers would be of much help to couples, whether the divorce is settled through a court procedure or through a mediation process.