The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards: Setting the Required Minimum Safety Performance for Cars and Car Parts

Motorists need and deserve only the best finished products from manufacturers of vehicles and vehicle parts, as well as the best services from those responsible in the construction, repair and maintenance of roads, bridges and other public areas. The bottom line is, people paid for their vehicles, thus, they should only get their money’s worth. In like manner, drivers pay taxes, be it road tax or whatever other fees they pay for; therefore, anyone has the right to complain and cry foul if roads become unsafe, more so if these begin to be the causes of injurious or fatal car crashes.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has identified drunk-driving, texting and use of hand-held phone while driving, driver distractions and driver errors, as some of the major causes of car accidents, which still number to more than five million in the US every year. These causes, however, are factors for which drivers are directly liable. There are other factors that the NHTSA has identified which lie beyond drivers’ control: defective roads and highways  and sub-standard vehicle part replacements, vehicles leaving the manufacturing plant but being discovered later to be with defect.

To remedy concerns on sub-standard parts, the NHTSA issued the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). These regulations stipulate the required minimum safety performance standards on motor vehicles and certain vehicle parts, like the brake hose assembly, brake hose, tail and head lamps, tires, etc. These standards, which also include vehicle crashworthiness requirements, are aimed at meeting whatever is needed to ensure motor vehicle safety.

On the William Kherkher Law Firm website it talks about the millions of Americans who sustain injuries (some of these injuries are permanent) and the thousands more who are killed in car accidents every year. Sadly, these injuries and deaths are caused by people who act irresponsibly or negligently on the road. Injuries sustained by victims, in this case, are called personal injuries and, under the (tort) law, injured victims can file a civil case against the liable party for damages resulting from the injury, which includes lost wages and medical treatment.

If it can be proven that the accident was triggered by a defect in the vehicle, then the victim may hold the vehicle’s manufacturer (or the manufacturer of the specific sub-standard vehicle part) responsible and file the lawsuit against such manufacturer.

A highly competent Green Bay personal injury lawyer can provide victims the help that they need in fighting for their rights and earning the full amount of compensation that the law allows them to receive.