The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: Four Years After

With $14 billion already spent (as of December 2013) for leak containment, clean-up operations, compensation to businesses and individuals and the safeguarding of the health and safety both of those affected by, and involved in responding to, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill tragedy, British Petroleum (BP) still continues to lose the fight in its appeal to have settlement payments blocked.

Four years and two months after the worst oil spill in US waters, the liable firm, giant oil company BP has, again, been declined, this time by the US Supreme Court. This means that settlement claims by businesses, even those whose losses were not traceable to the oil spill (and probably even those which never really lost anything at all, but filed claims all the same), will have to be paid.

Meanwhile, a report made by the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board states that it still sees mistakes in the procedures and safety equipment on the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the Board investigators, it may be that regulators and drillers on the rigs do not have a clear understanding of the limits of BOPs or blowout preventers, which are meant to pinch pipes to stop natural gas and oil from escaping a well during emergencies. And with the great possibility of still undetecting the same or like deficiencies that caused the spill in April 2010, another catastrophic spill would not be impossible from occurring again.

While any oil company, especially BP, would never want another oil spill due to the unreasonable cost of damages that needs to be settled, not ensuring the safety and perfect operation of blowout preventers may just lead to the occurrence of another nightmarish spill.

While many businesses which suffered losses that can legitimately be traced to the spill are still awaiting settlement payments from BP, Williams Kherkher makes the case that those who file for claims should have a BP claim appeal lawyer fighting on their side. For though their claim may be legitimate, having legal representation can help expedite the approval of, and payment for, their claim.

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